To broaden the students’ knowledge and experiences in using English as the main language during the lesson in class and daily use, SMPK PENABUR Summarecon Bekasi has an annual program called Immersion Program. This program enables students to communicate, have a discussion and study the culture using English. The other purpose of immersion for school is to develop a good relationship with the school that is visited, as a sister school, and for the next occasion we can share any experiences on educational aspects to improve our school development.

In fact, this is the first time SMPK PENABUR Summarecon Bekasi held the immersion, so we chose Singapore as the destination with some reasons. The first, geographically, Singapore is near Indonesia so it does not take much time and energy to get to. Secondly, Singapore can be accessed by any means of transportation easily. Last but not least, as our neighbor, Singapore uses English as the main language at school. So, it can support the purpose of having immersion program.

Together with the students of SMPK 2 PENABUR, SMPK PENABUR Harapan Indah, and SMPK PENABUR Kota Wisata, we run the 5-day-program. The ISSC (International Students Srvice Center) helped us to manage this program. The main activity is class attending and supported with visiting some places of interests, so students do not only studying but also learning about culture, city tour and having great tim